Access the lyrics here. What are your thoughts on the message or theme of this song? How does it apply to your life? 
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sydney period 1
3/26/2012 00:42:24

it wants people to be who they want to be. should you always be who you want to be, or live in the shadow of others?

Aubrey reply
4/10/2012 08:41:17

you should ALWAYS be your self. NEVER live in the shadows of others.

gracie H.
4/11/2012 02:17:55

I think your right because this is something you should do

claudiab per5
4/12/2012 04:47:51

I agree with you people shouldn't live in thier own shadows.

Nick 1
4/12/2012 08:41:11

Yes i agree people should be able to exspress them self

Emily L Per 1
4/12/2012 07:43:23

I agree with you and i think that people should be who they want to be.

Hayden g period 1-3
4/12/2012 11:47:39

i agree because nobody is better or worse than you we are all human

Ryan G. 1
3/26/2012 06:43:29

It repeats "Don't close your eyes" a lot of times

Mrs. Owens
3/26/2012 07:06:09

Why do you think that is? How are we living life with our eyes closed?

3/26/2012 08:12:13

I think we r living our lives not sparingly and is blinded how we should lead our lives.

tenghe wang
4/11/2012 11:49:43

I think it means u believe what ever someone says and u don't want to find out the answers for you're self

Hannah Martin per5
4/12/2012 12:07:18

Well when he says we are living with are eyes closed he's saying that were not seeing how much more we can do in are lifes. Or that we are not seeing what is going on around us so that is what he is saying in this song.

Katrina P.1
3/26/2012 06:47:59

I think you should live your life the way you want and not how others want you to.

catrina n per5
4/10/2012 08:26:52

i agree because if someone telles you what to do then that means your living a life like that persons controll you want to be free

Elizabeth P. 1
4/10/2012 12:34:11

i agree with you because if you lived life how others want you to live, your life would be wasted being someone else. Live your own life and be yourself!

Garret V. per 1
4/11/2012 08:45:28

I agree you should not live your life so you are not being yourself.

Katy D. P.1
3/26/2012 06:57:31

I think the song is trying to tell you to not let people tell you what you can and can't do with your life. It's your life so you should be able to live it to the fullest and in your own way.

Grace N. Period 1 ^.^
4/10/2012 08:29:58

I agree with your comment Katy because you should be yourself and not what others tell you to be.

mArk j.
4/11/2012 00:14:25

i agree with you katy because i think everybody should be themselves

Lauren M. Period 1
3/26/2012 07:01:09

I think this song is trying to tell you that you should live your life the way you want to, not the way people expect you to. I think the reason that its in second persons because the artists really wants to connect with the people.

Katrina P.1
4/10/2012 08:26:13

Lauren I totally agree with you. I also think the song is telling you to live your life the way you want to not someone else.

Caroline p1
4/12/2012 04:45:55

i agree bhecausewhen it says this is your life its saying do what you want to do.

Mrs. Owens
3/26/2012 07:04:27

I thought that the song was trying to get the listener to examine his/ her own life and see if we are living the way we thought we would be living. When we're little, we have such big dreams and expectations of what our life will be like. I wonder if we are living up to our little kid expectations of life, or would the little-kid versions of ourselves be disappointed in the choices we make? Are there things in your life that you dislike, but that you are able to change? I think the song is trying to get us to ponder these parts of life- the parts we can change, and to do something about them. We can't change the past (the wrinkles on our foreheads and the broken promises), but we can change our today.

3/29/2012 12:49:18

I think you're interpritation of the song is exactly what the song is trying to tell us and teach us

Hailey Per. 1
3/26/2012 07:05:16

To me, this song is trying to ask people if there happy with their life. I also think that the artist is trying to tell people that everyday is special and you should live everyday like it's your last.

sarah s per. 1
4/12/2012 04:51:55

i agree, but i also think that the singer is trying to make you never give up "don't close your eyes"

emily K. per. 1
4/12/2012 08:10:07

i think that your interpretation of the song is correct and i totally agree with what you are saying.

vanessa a
4/19/2012 08:23:55

i think its about are you satisfied with your life right now or do you wish it could me better i also think its about problems one day your fine but the next your not

Elizabeth B Period 1
3/26/2012 07:37:27

I think this song is telling you that since this is your life, you should live it how YOU want to. Not what your friends or family want you to be. BE YOURSELF!

Lauren M. Period 1
4/10/2012 07:32:38

I agree with you and what you are saying but i think that sometimes you do have to listen to your family when it comes to being who you are. They help shape who you are so i disagree with that statement. ;)


russy a. per. 1
4/10/2012 11:24:56

reply to lauren replying to elizabeth:
i agree with lauren and elizabeth because you should be yourself but there are exceptions. these are that you have to listen to you family so your not a bad person like what lauren said but you also shouldn't be who your friends want to be.

brianna per1
3/26/2012 07:45:53

I think the song trys to say that you are in charge of your life so you should what you want to do,and when they say dont close your eyes they are trying to say if you do life will pass you by. Also when they say yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead they mean that yesterday was yesterday and forget about the past

Ashley per.1
3/26/2012 08:06:37

I think the song's about how you don't have forever to do something& you shouldn't "close your eyes" to get distracted,lost, or be someone other than who you really are. This affects my life because it's almost telling you to live each day like it's your last, and i should be trying to live each day to the fullest.

Emily H. Period 1
3/26/2012 08:10:03

I think the song means the following things:
"Use your time wisely"
"As you go thru many experiences choose ur choices on the right pathway"
"Don't cose ur eyes" could mean "Don't give up"
This song applies to me by making the right choices and how I want to live my life in the future;how I want to be.Spending every day I have sparingly.

wesley per:1
4/10/2012 10:31:52

I totaly agree because i also think that the song is about how you should not give up and to choose your choices on the right pathway

catrina n per 5
3/26/2012 08:53:38

this song is very touching If someone was going to hurt themselves and listen to this song then they would say is this how i want to end it my eyes are closed and i need to open them and see what im doing my life is all i have and i need to look up not worry.

Leslie R. per 5
4/13/2012 02:35:52

iagree its is very touching because someone can hurt themselves

garretv per. 1
3/26/2012 08:56:12

I think the song is trying to say that if you are proud of your life don't try to change anything. This applies to me because I'm am happy with my life so far.

Dominic p. 1
3/26/2012 09:06:51

This song applies to my life because it tells me to put the past behind me and to try to be who i want to be. I think i am on the right track of being who i want to be.

Marla Per:5
3/26/2012 09:40:44

I love this song.. It reminds me something... When I was like seven or eight years old, I did something super WRONG! But it is in the past, and I can't change it! :( That is why I think that this song is trying to tell us that you can't fix what happened yesterday......

Brooke Period 1
4/17/2012 08:03:56

I think you are right. I did some bad things in the past, and I was able to go the next day and try to fix it.

Marla Per:5
3/26/2012 09:43:23

I wish I could change the past . Or even something you do not want to know or you do not like .. :( :'(

will per.1
3/26/2012 10:07:09

I think the song is trying to tell people that you have to live life to the fullest. And the "don't close your eyes" means in a blink of an eye life can go by in an instant

Westin pd 1
4/10/2012 06:48:46

I agree because you need to live your life to the fullest and don 't waste your time. Now the stuff around you.

brianna per.1
4/10/2012 07:20:05

nice thougt it really shows you thought about it.

Ryan G. Per. 1
4/11/2012 08:51:47

I agree. You definitely wouldn't have a fun life if you didn't live it to the fullest.

Emily L.
3/26/2012 10:08:33

I think the song is saying not to live in the past, but to move on. This relates to my life because sometimes I do things I will later regret but I have to move on.

Will p.1
4/10/2012 07:13:10

I agree because if you live your life in the past you will not have fun inlif

Kate B. P.5
3/26/2012 10:29:04

i think the song is saying like dont worry about the stuff that already happened & that you cant fix anymore & just move one . And if you know your making alot of mistakes in your life , is that really how you want be the rest of the years ?

Marla M. Per:5 REPLY TO KATE....
4/10/2012 09:12:57

Exactly Kate!! I completely agree with you! That's exactly what I thought .... And I'm glad you say that ... :P

isabella period 1
3/26/2012 11:14:45

i kind of liked the song. it wasn't really catchy but it sent a good message. i think that it doesn't really apply to my life because it talks about a guy kind of i guess telling this girl "is this how you want to live your life..."

aleia c p.5
3/26/2012 11:23:22

I think that the song and the lyrics were really soothing.It teaches you about your life and if you want to change it.I have obviously changed of my age my height (etc.)Mostly i have changed on the inside of how i treat people better than i did when i was younger.but now i changed who i am.ex: i am seeing people differently than i did before,i have lots more friends than i did before,(etc).

delaney b p5
3/26/2012 12:31:46

i think the songs trying to tell u not to live your life like your friends do.

Taylor T p.5
4/10/2012 13:50:38

i completely agree with you ........... like don't live in other peoples shadows just live your life the way you want to not the way that every body else wants you to

alexis per 5
3/26/2012 14:47:39

This song had meaning to somethings I did in the past I will regret FOREVER and I can't change a thing about it things are and I just need tooo move on with my life..also this reminds me if I wanted tio ever change my life would you like it our not like it...i would not like i cause I would miss all the times I would get into trouble for no reason ECT...

Charlie F p.1
3/27/2012 07:19:03

I think the song is telling us to do what we want to do and not what others try to encourage us to do. It could also be saying that we are getting old and there might not be a tomorrow so treat your life well and make use of it. "Don't close your eyes" could mean that your life is limited and it could end at any moment. Creepy thought, right!!

chad W p.1
4/12/2012 13:17:28

charlie i agree with your many thoughts you described in your blog. This blog has great content. Also, i liked how you brought texts from the song and tried to predict the meaning of what it was trying to say. you also had great inferences on what the story was trying to tell us.Over all that was a tremendous blog.

sarah s period 1
3/27/2012 09:44:29

i agree with charlie that the song is telling you that you should treat every day like your last. and that we should also do what we want and not what others want us to do. lastly i think that "don't close our eyes" means that you shouldn't believe every thing people say and not be narrow minded.

Emily K. period 1
3/27/2012 10:54:35

I think that the writer is try to tell you if you are happy with your life. he's trying to make uyou look back on what you have done and the past and what you can do in the future.

Hailey Per. 1
4/10/2012 08:11:15

I agree because, in the song, it asks if you're who you want to be. I also agree because I think the song is telling you what you can do in the future.

3/27/2012 11:51:08

This song means that life goes by quickly so live in the moment. It is also telling you to live every day like your last.

sammy d per 5
3/27/2012 14:11:07

i think thathe song was really sad and who was he singing to a special girl in his life ?????

Hannah M. Per5
3/28/2012 04:09:25

The song means do you like the way you are and are you being the person you would like to be

ryan p5
3/28/2012 04:19:50

i think the song is telling us what we want to be when were are older and its your life

Wesley per:1
3/28/2012 07:59:28

i think the song is trying to tell us that we should not worry about yesterday, live in the present, and be yourself. this relates to myself b/c sometimes i worry about the past and don't live the present.

4/12/2012 13:46:56

i agree with you, wesley, on the first part and i also think that you need to take life seriously because it is the only one you are going to get so it needs to be the way you want it to be

aleia c
3/28/2012 08:03:32

i think that the song was teaching us about what life will be inthe future?also the song might teach you the lesson you will learn.some people told me that the song gave them a flashback.I think that flashbacks are creepy but I kinda had one too.

nathan h.
3/28/2012 10:36:52

it means we need to open our eyes to the real world and decide who you want to be

trevor m.
4/10/2012 07:10:43

nice answer nathan i agree with u that is wat i put too

Cara G. P.1
3/28/2012 11:37:58

I think this song tries to help you recall your past, remembering yesterday. But it also sends the message to be yourself everyday. Why worry when you can live your life to the fullest. How do you want to live?

Katy D. P.1
4/10/2012 07:10:39

I agree, especially with "being yourself everyday". Don't let anyone tell you who should or shouldn't be.

Taylor T period 5
3/28/2012 12:02:24

i think that it means like don't close your eyes and like yesterday it the past and today is a new day

aleia c p.5
4/10/2012 07:14:51

i agree

aleia c p.5
4/10/2012 07:19:48

i agree that when you close your eyes, you remember what happens in the past years in your go through a flashback.

Brooke period 1
3/28/2012 12:56:46

The song to my life, means that you must live your life, have fun with it, and to just be who you are. At my old school, people changed me to be this aweful person, and when I moved, I found myself, and changed myself to be a good person. I act like everyday was the best day of my life, because I know I'm happy, and I want to be able to live my life.

Ashley per.1
4/10/2012 07:38:29

I agree with your observation,Brooke. I think that the song truly means that you need to live your life how you want it. It's never anyone ells life because they aren't you. I like your example,too! (I didn't like our old school either) ;)

gracie h. per.1
3/29/2012 04:49:18

this song is about hope and if you keep hopeing you will make it.This is what i want in my life.

Adrian Z
3/29/2012 04:50:41

I think it means to enjoy life because this only once in a life time to make things right and to make things count. I'm happy with my life and I'm gonna make things in my life count.

israel per.5
3/29/2012 06:54:21

i think you should live your life the way you want too not the way other people want you to live it. If you live it the way they want you to live it then your are going to lie to your friends and you are goin to lie to yourself. What good does that do?

3/29/2012 07:47:49

i think its saying you should be who you want to be. Also, asking are you who you want to be.

Nathan h.
4/10/2012 09:43:41

Good id34 34th4n 1 tot4lly 4gr33 w1th wh4t u r s4y1ng u n33d to b3 yours3lf

Leslie R. Per.5,6,7
3/29/2012 08:29:48

I think the song meant that to not close your eyes and dream of a fantasy world that you imagine that its the real world, to open your eyes and see reality.

3/29/2012 08:34:42

What I think this song is trying to tell is be who you want to be. This theme relates to my life in many ways. This relates to my life because I've never been the mean, serious, and unforgiving guy I've always been the funny, weird, curious kid on Campus which is how I have the friends I do. That's who I'm going to be no one is going to take it away.

Larry p1
4/10/2012 10:10:45

I agree with Chad, but I also think that he is telling you to never give up on who you want to be

charlie f period 1
4/12/2012 07:18:05

I agree with you Chad because you should be who you want to be and not let anyone tell you who you should be. Since this is your life you shouldn't let anyone take control of you. You proved that perfectly in your comment and I have no criticism for you. Great job Chad!

3/29/2012 10:21:49

open up your eyes so you don't miss your life

Trevor M. Per.1
3/29/2012 10:51:18

I think this song is trying to say not to waste your your life and enjoy it while it lasts.

Caroline P. p1
3/29/2012 11:29:44

i think what the song is trying to say is that you have to be aware of whats happening around you and to not waist your life. to follow your dreams and do something important.

Nick D Per. 1
3/29/2012 11:54:50

I think this song is not to waste your life doing things you dont want to do. This has happened to me when I did not like a book. I keeped reading though but it was to hard so I just stopped and read a diffrent one.

3/29/2012 12:40:53

I think the song means that you should take risks in life when you have the chance to, because if you don't, you'll regret it.

3/29/2012 12:46:34

This song made me think of how my moms brother smoked. It also reminded me of how I will never follow his path.

Claudia B per5
3/29/2012 13:53:42

I think you should live your live be who you want to be not who people want you to be. I want people be who want to be. The song made me think is this who I want to be. Also what do I want to do in my live. XD

Claudia B per5
3/29/2012 13:56:02

I mean people be who they want to be.XD

sydney c. period1
4/11/2012 02:22:46

i agree with that comment, i think we should be who we want to be

3/29/2012 23:30:30

i think that the song is about someone asking the other person if they are who they wan't to be. basically they are telling them to be themselves.

larry 1
3/29/2012 23:44:20

this could relate to someone's life by never gving up. when he says don't close your eyes i think it means never give up

jacob s 5
3/30/2012 00:59:26

It was sad.

Lacey .U 5
4/2/2012 19:11:59

"This song is asking you is this your life?,, and are you sure you are who you want to be because if you change that you wont be able to go back!!"
"Also its saying don't close your eyes,because thats just another word for don't give up </3,, because there is so much more to life than what you think!" <3 ^.^

Grace N P.1
4/9/2012 00:47:58

I am VERY happy with my life. I am who I want to be and I am keeping my eyes open.

4/10/2012 06:46:03

I love my life and how its working. I am who I am and want to be.

Westin pd 1
4/10/2012 06:51:15

It's saying that he loves his life and loves who he is. I also think that its saying to never give up.

Marla M. Per:5
4/10/2012 08:24:57

And it is trying to tell you that you need to be yourself... Like don't be like everyone else is... Don't to what your friends do

mArK j.
4/11/2012 00:11:55

i think this song is telling people to live your life how you want to live and live it to the fullest

4/12/2012 04:49:55

I think hanna is right becuase this song is telling you if you like the way you are and if this is what you want to be in life.

4/12/2012 13:56:19

i think it means that you need to think deeper into why yo were made and make the most of your life and not closing your eyes like katniss everdeen's mom did after katniss' dad died


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