Get a head start on your learning this year by starting to set up a space at home just for you. It is your personal study center. It is vital for every student in Sixth Grade Core to have a place set aside and set up for academic work at home. Sometime this week, I would like you to select and set up your personal study center. First, select a quiet spot where you can do your studies. Kitchen tables, counters, or small desks are great ideas. The spot should be free of distractions and have good lighting. Next, make sure you have a comfortable, sturdy chair. Thirdly, gather the following materials, if you have them at home:
1.           Sharpened pencils with erasers.
2.          Pencil sharpener
3.          Lined paper
4.          Dictionary & Thesaurus
5.          A basket of miscellaneous supplies (scissors, glue, ruler, tape, stapler, highlighters, sticky notes, and paper clips)
Now you have prepared yourself for successful study time at home. Remember, even if homework isn’t assigned for a subject each night, you should be spending about 10 minutes reviewing the lesson that day from your notes. Research shows that students who review their notes nightly retain significantly more of the information long-term, and score much higher on quizzes and tests. Happy Studying!

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