First Period: 
Monday *30 minutes. Accelerated Reader, Bring in cans for our canned food drive! Help our class reach 100 cans! Finish journal for chapters 5, 6, and 7
Tuesday *30 minutes, AR, canned goods, Journal chapters 8-9
Wednesday *30 minutes, AR, canned goods, Journal chapter 10, add details to Timothy and Phillip's character map boxes
Thursday *30 minutes, AR, Journal 11-12, Quiz on THE CAY chapters 5-12 tomorrow!
Friday *30/AR

Fifth Period:
M: 30/AR, Finish plot map, Chapters 5-7 vocabulary
T: 30/AR, Write a friendly letter to Henrick from Phillip, vocab 8-9
W: 30/AR, Journal chapter 10
Th: 30/AR, Study for Quiz chapters 5-12
Friday: 30/AR

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