*Read 30 minutes, AR
*Check Aeries
*Organize your binder and notebooks!

*Read 30 minutes, AR

*Finish "Ta-Na-E'Ka" One-Pager (packet due tomorrow)
*Roots notecards due tomorrow; roots and spelling quiz tomorrow

*Finish writing graphic organizer
*Complete "Early Migration" Study Guide in your social studies packet (vocab and questions, skip "theme connection")

*Read 30 minutes, work on AR, finish questions about "Ta-Na-E-Ka" from your reading book (#1-10)
*Roots, Spelling, finish "Oh, No!" Page
*Review 2.1 Cornell Notes, highlight key terms

*Read 30 minutes, work on AR, finish the character traits chart for yourself
*Roots notecards, spelling, finish the mountain map for your narrative (the bones!)
*Reread Ch. 2 Section 1 (Quiz tomorrow)

*Read 30 minutes, work on AR, Ta-Na-E-Ka vocabulary chart (due Friday)
*Roots notecards, spelling, and review for Capitals quiz

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