1) Read 30 minutes; AR due Friday; study characterization cornell notes and pages 52-53 for tomorrow's test over chapter 2
2) Review word roots for tomorrow's midterm
3) Study Guide or cornell notes for chapter 3 section 2

1) 30 minutes, AR due Friday, study characterization cornell notes for Friday's test over chapter 2
2) Review word roots, WB pg. 38
3) Social Studies 3.1 (Study guide or take cornell notes)

1) Read 30 minutes; AR points due Friday, Write a summary for "Go for Broke"
2)WB page 27, review word roots for Friday's midterm. 
3) Social studies 3.1 study guide or cornell notes;  Caveman Cartoon due tomorrow.

1) Read 30 minutes. AR points due by Friday. Take cornell notes on "Wartime Mistakes"  and write a summary. 
2) WB page 25, review word roots for Friday's midterm. 
3)  Caveman Cartoon; Read Mesopotamia Fact Sheet and highlight
Here is the document if you want to make it on the computer. Don't forget- the final draft of the cartoon is due WEDNESDAY. Here is a sample of a completed comic, made on the computer. 

1) Read 30 minutes. Do LRA questions on page 76 for "The Bracelet" (#1-11)
2) Type your Narrative (due tomorrow)
3) Study for the Ch. 2 Early Man test. Your packet is also due tomorrow. Make sure it's finished and stapled together. 

1) Read 30 minutes. Finish the frame (if you didn't finish in class). Due with packet on Friday
2) Work on your narrative (due Friday)
3) Standards Review and Standards Assessment (see packet for page #s)
1) Read 30 minutes. Finish the vocabulary chart for "The Bracelet" (due Friday)
2) Finish your rough draft if you didn't finish in class. Start editing your narratives.

3) Work on your early man cartoon. You will have time in class tomorrow as well. 

1) Read 30 minutes/ AR
2) Complete questions on page 67 in your Literature & LA textbook (all)

3) Work on your scary narrative rough draft. 
4) Complete Study Guide 2.3 in your social studies packet "The Beginnings of Agriculture"

MINIMUM DAY SCHEDULE Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. LATE START SCHEDULE Wednesday.

*Read 30 minutes, AR
*Check Aeries
*Organize your binder and notebooks!

*Read 30 minutes, AR

*Finish "Ta-Na-E'Ka" One-Pager (packet due tomorrow)
*Roots notecards due tomorrow; roots and spelling quiz tomorrow

*Finish writing graphic organizer
*Complete "Early Migration" Study Guide in your social studies packet (vocab and questions, skip "theme connection")

*Read 30 minutes, work on AR, finish questions about "Ta-Na-E-Ka" from your reading book (#1-10)
*Roots, Spelling, finish "Oh, No!" Page
*Review 2.1 Cornell Notes, highlight key terms

*Read 30 minutes, work on AR, finish the character traits chart for yourself
*Roots notecards, spelling, finish the mountain map for your narrative (the bones!)
*Reread Ch. 2 Section 1 (Quiz tomorrow)

*Read 30 minutes, work on AR, Ta-Na-E-Ka vocabulary chart (due Friday)
*Roots notecards, spelling, and review for Capitals quiz

*Read 30 Min/AR
*Roots/ Spelling (quiz tomorrow)
*Grammar handout
*Writing Packet due
*Study for SS Test (packet due)

*Read 30 Min/ AR
*Check Aeries
*Organize binders
*Read 30 minutes. Work on your AR goal by October 25th. 
*Study for Ch. 1 Test tomorrow
*Put together Informational materials packet (see cover sheet on October 4th)
*Roots and Spelling
*Grammar handout
*SS: Standards Review (page 21. #1-9) and Standards Assessment (page 23, #1-7)
*Read 30 minutes. Work on your AR goal, due October 25th. 
*Reading Check page 40
*Start gathering the things you need for your reading packet, due Thursday. COVERSHEET
*Roots and Spelling
*Review Ch. 1 Study Guides (Test Friday) 1.1 SG  1.2 SG

Click the link below for opportunities to earn extra credit this quarter. All work due by October 26th. 
Click here for a flyer. 
*Read 30 minutes. Work towards AR goal by October 25th. 
*Study for Ch.1 Test on Thursday (plot, setting, and informational materials notes)

*Make word roots note cards (due Friday)
*Write synonyms for two dead words in your writing packet

*Reread 1.2 Studying Geography

*Do Social Studies vocab on the study guide (1.2 Studying Geography)
*Ch. 1 SS Test Friday